Be a Volunteer

We are always in need of volunteers

Be a PAL Volunteer

PAL is an All Volunteer Organization

Contribution of your time as a volunteer is invaluable to the success of our concerts and other PAL activities.

Opportunities include:

  • Assisting with the preparation of public events
  • Helping with the distribution and collection of tickets and funds before and during the concert
  • Serving the attending public at our concerts and other events
  • Assisting with preparation and sending of mail correspondence
  • Making telephone contacts
  • Assembling contact/donor lists
  • Serving on planning committees by offering ideas as to how PAL can better accomplish its goals and serve the community in this way.

Contact or talk to Meredith Burke Dees or any member of the Board of Directors for more information.

Main Street Singer
Julia Verba and Mr. Suddith singing